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The British Swim School

Local Swim School who emphasizes survival water skills vs tradition “swim lessons.”
Opening new programs across the city of Columbus.

To market for new swim sign-ups, capture lead generation, along with awareness of a new location at the Polaris area of Columbus. Additionally, they want to differentiate themselves with other programs. “Survival of the Littlest”

Utilized Kidzapalooza Event at Polaris Fashion Place, which drew people from the area where they are opening a new location. This allowed them to brand visually, interact with marketing materials, enter-to-win wheel, and kid-related giveaway items, and generate sign-ups at their booth. Additionally the sponsorship of the event included radio commercials on the station that is #1 in their demographic (W25-49 WNCI 97.9).

Client mentioned the radio worked because he heard the feedback from the market and his employees. He said the event was one of the best he has ever sponsored. The event drew over 5,000 people, the mall was up 36% and the client had a continuous line at his booth and he signed/entered over 300 qualified leads that afternoon. The client wants to participate in future, family-based iHeart Events.

Ethan Allen Furniture

We wanted something a little different than just a canned radio commercial… something local but with impact, believable with some fun in it. Style, swagger, and chic. We got that from the Morning Zoo’s Kelsey Webb, Kelsey knows how to do it just that way.

– Carolyn Mann, VP

Minuteman Tickets

Ticket broker who wanted branding for their contest.

Client wanted to have the biggest bracket in Columbus for the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. Goal was 2,000 contest entries.

Client asked us to do an on-air promotion to partner with them for their contest. With their budget we put together a 2-week campaign on 105.7 The Zone and 610WTVN including on-air, homepage takeovers and eBlasts.

Previous year with another radio station client had 700 entries; our promotion delivered 2,144. The client was thrilled and already discussing ways to make it even bigger next year.


McDonald’s needed high school students to apply for their Celebrate Black History scholarships.

McDonald’s was giving away two $5,000 scholarships and needed to raise awareness of the program throughout a multi-county area in order to solicit applications. They were hoping to get 100 applicants.

We used a combination of terrestrial radio, streaming and digital elements on 106.7 The Beat for a 4-week long campaign. The advertising was followed-up by 104 on-air promos and daily social media posts by PM-Drive personality The Big Man Konata.

The application goal was surpassed with 111 high school hopefuls applying for the two scholarships. McDonald’s held a party for each winner at the McDonald’s closest to their high school with a giant check, cake, gift basket, and food for all guests. Ronald McDonald was present for both events as well. They were very happy with the results and looking to repeat the event again, possibly in multiple markets.

Tansky Sawmill Toyota

We began working with iHeart radio last fall and, frankly, I was a bit skeptical going into our partnership. It was definitely an experiment for us. Soon after iHeart began airing our radio spots, our customers were specifically mentioning them when they came to the dealership. I’m pleased with customer response to our ad campaign, and I’m equally happy that our sales associates feel supported by the Marketing Department.

In January, we sponsored a community event in partnership with iHeart and the favorable response from the public was significant. I’m grateful to my rep, Elizabeth Arnold, and to the team at iHeart for providing us with so much support and value.

– Scott J Treadwell, Marketing Director


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